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Seven Benefits of a SIP Trunking Service


SIP trunking services easily scale to meet your needs, allowing additional trunks and channels with DID to enabled in a matter of minutes, not weeks, like traditional PSTN phone lines.

Consolidated Network Management

The management and monitoring of the PSTN network is no longer needed with SIP trunking, since SIP trunks run over your data network. This eliminates your need to maintain and support two different networks.


When using SIP trunks, you can use multiple providers, giving you failover capabilities in case your network connection goes down, in the event there is an outage.


SIP trunking services utilize DIDs (Direct Inward Dials) that allows each employee can have their own SIP line, providing you with great capability and flexibility in your calling.


Local and Toll Free

You can get both local and toll free numbers, both pointing to the same SIP trunk, when you use a SIP trunking service. You can even have local numbers where you do business, without having to have a physical office in that local area.


Unified Communications

SIP trunking services can be used as a port of Unified Communications , data, IM and video.


With a lower initial capital expenditure and cost savings compared to a traditional PSTN line, SIP trunks quickly provide you with a return on your investment.

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